Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is a means of deepening our awareness of sacred presence in our lives. As a spiritual directee while in rabbinical school, I became more aware of the connections between my inner and outer life, and gained a sense for how my gifts were being called into the world. Inspired by my own growth as a directee, I became a Jewish spiritual director through Hebrew Union College's training program, Bekhol Levavkha, in 2017. I am grateful to my many teachers there: Bobbi Breitman -- and Rabbis Sheila Weinberg, Jacob Staub, Myriam Klotz and David Adelson. Since then, serving as a spiritual director has been amongst the most spiritually enriching work I've done.

Why should you consider the practice of spiritual direction?

In my work with you, we will slow down to take note of moments of connection to the Divine (God, the sacred, your soul) as they show up in your life. I will serve as a non-judgmental witness and supportive companion on your journey toward the edge of what you know, exploring how you might integrate the insights you glimpse there into everyday life. My approach is collaborative and intuitive, relational and warm — and ultimately geared toward helping you hear your deepest self. Depending on your needs, we may explore spiritual practices, embodied awareness, seasonal insights or sacred texts in our work together.

I meet with Spiritual Direction clients for one-hour sessions, either at my home office on the East Side of Providence, RI or at an office in Newton, a western suburb of Boston, MA. Most people meet with me every third or fourth week, though some find it helpful to meet more frequently. Depending on the specific circumstances, I am sometimes open to sitting with someone on the phone or on Skype; usually that works only when we have established a prior in-person relationship.



Rabbi Adam’s presence in my life was a true gift, allowing me to grow spiritually, and to deepen my connection to Judaism in a personally meaningful way. He was accepting, encouraging, compassionate, wise, Jewishly knowledgeable, and supportive. As a psychologist who has been in practice for decades, I went into our work together wondering whether we would be a good match. After our first meeting, and after every meeting thereafter, I felt blessed — understood, spiritually expanded, and grateful for our work together. Rabbi Adam’s ability to listen, and to create a ‘makom kadosh,’ a holy and safe place for exploring personal spiritual issues, is remarkable!
— Deborah