workshops & Teaching


Rabbi Adam offers workshops, and scholar-in-residence weekends on a variety of topics. Please see below for some examples of recent offerings.



  • Poetry & Conversation: Please join us to read, reflect, respond and rest in the words of a selection of amazing poets. As we listen to these poems with the “ear of our hearts,” we will enter into the deeper meaning of these words as a way to reflect on our own lives, in conversation with each other. Orchard Cove, Hebrew SeniorLife, Canton, MA

  • TED Talk Discussion: TED Talks are influential videos from expert speakers on “big ideas” in technology, education, science, spirituality and creativity. Join Rabbi Adam, to view and discuss TED Talks about a variety of relevant topics. Orchard Cove, Hebrew SeniorLife, Canton, MA

  • Spirituality Group:  Do you want to deepen your awareness of sacred presence in your life? In this group, we will slow down to notice of moments of connection in our lives, and discern how we are being called to greater meaning. Orchard Cove, Hebrew SeniorLife, Canton, MA

  • Living in Community: How does living in a community like Orchard Cove make us better people? This series gives us access to ancient wisdom that helps us thrive at this time and place in our lives. Orchard Cove, Hebrew SeniorLife, Canton, MA

  • Mindful Mornings: This weekly gathering combines guided and silent meditation to develop our capacity for mindful awareness and to cultivate qualities of patience, gratitude, and compassion. Orchard Cove, Hebrew SeniorLife, Canton, MA


  • Art as Spiritual Practice: In this fun and creative workshop, we will make art as a way get in touch with our inner wisdom. All are welcome, no artistic ability required! Orchard Cove, Hebrew SeniorLife, Canton, MA

  • A Space Between: What does it mean to call out to the Divine? How can we remember we are part of something larger than ourselves, both in time of ease, and times of hardship? In this session we will explore poetry that allows us to reflect on these questions. Jewish Studio Project, Berkeley, CA

  • Prayers of the Heart: What is prayer? How do we pray? In this new series, we will look at ancient and modern ideas about prayer, and explore some ways to begin and deepen our own prayer practices. All are welcome, no familiarity with Hebrew necessary! Orchard Cove, Hebrew SeniorLife, Canton, MA


  • Finding Hope in Challenging Times: Please join us to talk about the challenges we encounter as we reflect current events and our own lives. Through this discussion group we will discover how to find hope and resilience in turbulent times. Orchard Cove, Hebrew SeniorLife, Canton, MA

  • Judaism and Justice: How can Judaism guide us in our pursuit of justice? What does Jewish tradition say about resistance, advocacy, coalition building, civil disobedience and collective action? Explore how Jewish wisdom can guide us in loving the stranger and creating an alternative to Egypt. Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA

  • Hineini ("I am Present!"): Drawing on Jewish contemplative traditions, and mindfulness meditation, we will practice directing our attention to our moment-to-moment experience. Through learning, practice, and discussion, we will learn how to live with greater awareness, and a deeper sense of connection. Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA

  • Movement Minyan: What can the tools of movement improvisation teach us about cultivating a practice of letting the Divine in to our lives? Through movement we increase our comfort with the unknown, open new paths and cultivate curiosity and playfulness. Various locations



Rabbi Adam’s presence with us came at a time of challenges around political issues on campus and in our nation, and his pastoral presence was vital to many students, faculty and staff. He introduced a number of study programs, including Judaism and Justice, Jewish Meditation, and Torah and Tea. He was an active partner with the other religious advisors as part of the Interfaith team, and collaborated in a number of initiatives with the Intercultural Center, the Women’s Resource Center, and the Black Cultural Center.
— Dean of Diversity and Inclusion, Director of Religious Life
Adam has left an indelible mark at and on our synagogue and all of us who have the pleasure to learn with and from him. I particularly enjoyed the learning sessions he led for parents, on Saturday mornings, during Hebrew School. They were always very thoughtful and never failed to get some very animated conversations going. More often than not, the parents in the discussions would take the conversation far away from the originally-planned route, but we always learned a lot, from each other, from him and from the text.
— Synagogue parent
Moving with Adina and Adam was deep and gentle. They work in tandem and hold participants with delicate deliberacy, creating spacious freedom for individual spiritual expression inside a vessel of trust. If you’ve been looking for a whole-body prayerful exhale and a return to the basics, move with these rabbis awhile.
— Arielle
In a very short amount of time, the Movement Minyan helped me to feel alive, to feel grounded, and to get in touch with deeply-hidden emotions. And it was a ton of fun! Adina and Adam are incredible teachers and deeply wise leaders, and the Movement Minyan has the potential to transform entire communities. I’m so glad I had the chance to experience it for myself!
— Yael Shy